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Developing a strategic marketing plan for your business

Developing a marketing strategy is something you might feel comfortable doing yourself. However, hiring a professional marketing consultant to develop your strategy encourages an outside perspective.

Sometimes as business owners we can get stuck working ‘in’ our business, instead of working ‘on’ our business. When developing a marketing strategy I like to dig deep to understand ‘why’ your business exists and explore your unique value proposition that sets your business apart from your competition. This is where the strategy process begins.

As a small business owner on the Sunshine Coast you’ve got a million and one things on your plate. Marketing is just one of them.┬áDeveloping a marketing strategy is a critical first step when you’re trying to determine the right marketing mix to grow your business and build greater profit.

Think of a marketing strategy like a roadmap for your business; it helps to identify where to focus your efforts and resources, measure your efforts and know when you’ve reached your end goal. Your marketing strategy should always align to your overall business objectives.

My step-by-step approach to developing your marketing strategy

Through my years of developing marketing plans, I’ve developed a strategic framework which helps guide the process. People can become overwhelmed when they hear the word strategy, but by breaking each step down into manageable pieces, it makes the process enjoyable and my clients can understand how we ended up with their final set of objectives, strategies and tactics.


This is where I ask a LOT of questions about your business to better understand where you've come from, where you currently are, and where you hope to be in the future.

STEP 2: values and principles

This is an important step because your values should be represented in your marketing content and branding, and your guiding principles should form the essence of your business.

STEP 3: goals and objectives

This is where we set your over-arching marketing objectives, which will ultimately be built around your key business objectives. Aligned to this will be a set of strategies and tactics - this forms the basis of your marketing plan.

Depending on your business size, type and available resources, the following steps (STEPS 4 to 6) may or may not be required.

step 4: action roadmap

Using the objectives and strategies set in STEP 3, I develop an action roadmap of how you'll achieve your goals. This can be an excellent resource to hang in your office as a reminder to you and your team of what you're working towards.


Your communications plan will outline your Vision and Mission, as well as your marketing plan. This is a detail heavy document which will keep your team on track and on the same page.

STEP 6: implementation and monitoring

This component of your marketing strategy is a tactical plan outlining who is responsible for what and how you'll monitor the plan's success.

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