Marketing Services

Keep on track and on focus with a marketing health check

Some extra loving support for the business owners who do it all!

Marketing Services

Keep on track and on focus with a marketing health check

Want to know what is and what isn't working with your business marketing?

Don't know where to focus your time, money and efforts?

Wondering what are the highest priorities to focus on right now?

I provide marketing health checks which are an affordable assessment of the marketing you currently have in place – whether that’s a website, social media or even your printed and digital business collateral that your provide to clients.

In my marketing health checks I assess the overall content and branding of each asset against your marketing strategy and business objectives, and provide a set of easy to implement suggested changes.

Website Health Check

A website health check is great for business owners who:

  • Have designed their own websites but need a professional eye to review;
  • Have a website that is in need of updates and maintenance, but not sure where to start or what to change;
  • Want to save money by giving their website a re-fresh, instead of a complete overhaul or re-design.


You’ll receive a comprehensive report on how you can improve your website to:

  • Increase website conversions
  • Grow and communicate with your customer database
  • Be more easily found via search engines
  • Better incorporate your business branding and unique value.

Digital health check

A digital health check will assess the following marketing assets against your target customers / target market and your current business objectives:

  • Websites (as per the Website Health Check);
  • Social Media Platforms (LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram only);
  • Email Marketing (content, consistency, open rates, click through rates, follow up process;
  • Google My Business profile.


You’ll receive a comprehensive report on how you can improve your digital marketing to:

  • Have better engagement across social media
  • Improve your open rates and click through rates for newsletters
  • How to get more out of your Google My Business listing.

Collateral health check

A collateral health check is about ensuring consistency in branding and messaging across your digital and / or printed collateral.

Over the years you may have designed bits and pieces here and there, or had different staff produce different collateral. The result? A mish-mash of collateral that feels disjointed and doesn’t properly represent your brand or values.

Through the collateral health checks, we can look at your brochures, flyers, signage, pitch decks, proposals, business cards and any other important business collateral.


You’ll receive a comprehensive report with recommended changes, including:

  • Suggested ways for copywriting to be more consistent and more engaging
  • Suggested changes to branding elements (colours, fonts, logos, imagery) to ensure brand consistent and brand integrity.

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