Marketing Services

Copywriting that inspires people to take action

Content marketing is now at the heart of most successful digital marketing campaigns; great brands use relevant content to connect with their target audiences.

Marketing Services

Copywriting that inspires people to take action

Make an impact with engaging content and persuasive copywriting

Creating content and copy for your business on the Sunshine Coast can be a tedious job if writing doesn’t come naturally to you. You could rack your brain for hours, wasting time, deciding on how to write a few sentences or contemplate an image that might send the wrong message to your customers.

I have been writing copy and creating engaging graphics for over 15 years – I have many published articles and press releases, and customers are often ‘wowed’ by my ability to turn an idea into a visual. What comes easy to me, might be a drag for you; simplify the complex and let me take care of your content creation and copywriting on the Sunshine Coast.

My approach to creating great content

I approach content creation and copywriting with a unique customer-centric approach. I like to get to know the ins and outs of your business and understand ‘why’ your business exists. Values are also very important when designing quality content because your values are a strong reflection of your brand.

When it comes to actually designing content, I only use the Adobe Creative Suite of programs (InDesign, PhotoShop, Illustrator, Premiere Pro) – I pride myself on designing unique content that is designed from scratch and tailored specifically to you brand and business.

The types of content I produce


This includes e-newsletters and printed newsletters, and includes copywriting, formatting and sending. I can also set up automations from your chosen integrated marketing platform (eg. MailChimp or HubSpot) to improve your customer engagement.


Using Adobe Premier Pro, I can create professional videos to be used across various promotional channels (YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, your business website, etc). I also offer drone videography services if you need to capture aerial footage.


This includes brochures (digital and printed), business cards, powerpoint decks, email signatures, proposal templates, letterhead, infographics for brochures and websites, etc.


Images for various social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn) which aligns to your business branding. Whilst I do create content for social media, it is up to my clients to post, engage and manage their own accounts.

Why is content important in marketing?

There’s so many reasons why content if important for your business marketing, but here are my top three:

Content can improve your brand reputation and build trust

Great content has trust building qualities. Why is trust important? Because trust can help your business establish a positive brand reputation.

78% of consumers prefer to know a company via articles rather than ads. 70% believe that organisations who provide custom content are more interested in building good relationships with customers.


Great content helps to influence conversions

Anyone who understands marketing knows the importance of conversion in the marketing funnel. Content marketing goes a long way to improving website conversions.

  • Content marketing provides conversion rates about 6 times higher than other digital marketing methods
  • After reading recommendations on a blog, 61% of online consumers in the U.S. then decided to make a purchase (Content Marketing Institute)
  • 45% of consumers would abandon content that’s displaying poorly on their current device (Forbes).

Optimised content helps improve SEO efforts

Content plays a big role in helping improve your website SEO (search engine optimisation). Not heard of SEO before? A website that is optimised for search helps your website be found via search engines more easily. Did you know that websites that post consistent blog content have on average 434% more pages indexed by search engines than those that don’t post at all (HubSpot).

It’s also worth noting that the more content you have on your website, the more reasons you give visitors to stick around, resulting in greater site-time (Neil Patel). And guess what!? Google rewards websites with higher site-time, as this indicates your website provides valuable content.

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